Let’s Start Saving!

As a parent, it’s tough to resist the urge to buy everything that my children want. They are so adorable when they say, “pretty pweeeasssse.” It kills me to say no, but I want them to understand that we can’t have everything that we want; we can slowly work towards certain desires, but it doesn’t magically happen. Ellie has been asking for a beautiful (& very expensive) American Girl Doll, so I’ve created a savings chart for her to see her progress towards her goal.


If you ever need a savings chart for your little one to visually see how much money they need to buy something, I’ve attached a very plain template for you to add the numbers to the chart & a large area for a picture or drawing.

Found here — Saving Chart

XO :: Ry

DIY Hand Stamped Apron


Because we are an arts & crafts lovin’ kinda family, we made our own aprons for craft time. :)


{I purchased everything from Michaels}

– Apron

– Stamp (make sure to get or make a stamp that has openings to color – we made the bow & glasses stamp & purchased the deer stamp)

– Fabric ink stamp pad (we used Versa Craft)

– Fabric markers (we used Marvy Uchida)

– Iron

I made little x’s to help the girls spread their stamps out.


Stamp away!


And color… place paper behind apron, the ink might bleed through.



Set the ink with a hot iron (steam off). Place a pillowcase or other fabric over the apron then iron.


& TA DA – done!




xo:: Ry

Family Hikes

One of our favorite family activities is hiking. It can be challenging with little ones in tow, but we love it! I thought I would share some tips on how we hike with our kiddos.


Our hikes aren’t long or crazy; the longest we’ve hiked with the girls is 6 miles, but we usually do 2-3 miles.


We usually don’t take a stroller – the girls enjoy walking & finding things on the trails & we’ve noticed that they seem to get tired right away when we have the stroller with us.


Whenever the girls get tired, we take short breaks & have snacks.


We enjoy having a walking stick – the girls like to walk around with it & I feel safer with it. ;)


My backpack is always filled with:

*A small first aid kit


*Lots of snacks

*Small bags to gather cool finds


*Extra clothes


Before going on a hike with your littles, it’s always a good idea to talk about possible dangers that you all could encounter (snakes, poison oak/ivy, mountain lions, bears, etc.). Hopefully, that will help them understand why they should stay close to you & not wander off alone.

Happy hiking!