New Eyewear

Time for new glasses & we have fallen in love with Jonas Paul Eyewear

They send you a FREE at home try-on kit which includes 6 different frames to try!

These were Ellie’s top picks…


She’s still thinking about which one she wants. The company gives you 7 days to decide & then the kit needs to be sent back.

I’ll let you know which one she picks…. :)

xo :: Ry

The Wizard of OZ booklet

Every night, we read a chapter from “The Wizard of OZ” & we finally finished it last week. The girls absolutely adored it! I created this booklet to go along with it. I usually make packets but I’ve found that booklets save lots of paper (woo hoo!) & I just like this style better. ;)






Front page clipart {Dorothy & Toto} from :

The rest of the clipart from: Prettygrafikdesign

The Wizard of OZ booklet found here –Wizard of Oz Booklet

To get the booklet look, use the following printing directions…

Under layout select:

two-sided & short-edge binding

xo :: Ry

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

My husband called me after it rained & said let’s go to Palm Springs to play in the snow! Ehh? I had no idea that Palm Springs had a tramway that took you up to the San Jacinto Mountains, which was covered in snow.



I’m not gonna lie – it wasn’t that comfortable riding up to the top of the mountain. The floor rotates as the tram is moving so everyone kinda shimmies sideways, which would have been fine, but the rails don’t rotate with the floor (who’s idea was that?). So the girls were holding onto the rail & getting smashed & falling on people. On the way down, we stood in the middle of the tram, with no rails to hold onto, & the ride was a little better.


It was absolutely gorgeous up there & the girls loved it, for about 30 minutes, because they turned into frozen popsicles. I should have packed them real snow gear – the pants, jacket, etc… total mom fail. ugh. but now we know for next time… & don’t let the other people confuse you – a lot of people were riding up the tram in t-shirts & shorts & sandals. I thought we over did it with beanies & sweaters & boots…. Where did these people think we were going?


The one good thing we did remember to take was snow sleds. The girls had a blast with those!






After some snow play, we headed to the cafeteria & had coffee & hot chocolate.


There are trails to hike, lots of benches for a picnic & a waterfall – a super fun place to explore with your family! So happy we’ve discovered this gem.



xo :: Ry

Let’s Start Saving!

As a parent, it’s tough to resist the urge to buy everything that my children want. They are so adorable when they say, “pretty pweeeasssse.” It kills me to say no, but I want them to understand that we can’t have everything that we want; we can slowly work towards certain desires, but it doesn’t magically happen. Ellie has been asking for a beautiful (& very expensive) American Girl Doll, so I’ve created a savings chart for her to see her progress towards her goal.


If you ever need a savings chart for your little one to visually see how much money they need to buy something, I’ve attached a very plain template for you to add the numbers to the chart & a large area for a picture or drawing.

Found here — Saving Chart

XO :: Ry