camping with little ones…

Our second family camping trip: Yosemite National Park

Cousins at Glacier Point.


We stayed at Camp Curry.



Cutest photo bomber ever.


One of my favorite parts: bike riding.



Mariposa Grove



On our way home, we stopped at Tenia Lake and it started to snow.


We also stopped at Mono Lake.


Overall the trip was awesome & here are the things we were so thankful that we packed:

#1 – Small Potty Chair {{I was nervous about this trip mostly because my youngest was barely potty trained and I didn’t want to put diapers back on her. I almost forgot it and my daughter reminded me to grab it right before we left. Hallelujah! It was great for emergency stops on the road, early mornings when it was super cold and we didn’t want to leave the tent, and middle of the night needs.}} I’ll spare you details, but it was a life-saver! ;)

#2 – Lots & lots of snacks

#3 – Small flashlights

#4 – Favorite book / Coloring stuff {{The girls are loving this book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt}}

#5 – Lots of wipes & hand sanitizer

#6 – Nature bags {{they kept busy collecting things around camp}}

Happy Camping!!!

XO – Ry

V is for Veggies & F is for Fruits



Meet Polly Pear & Peter Pepper…


We will be learning about veggies and fruits next week! :)

I wanted to share our first packet before school started, so I don’t have any pics of the girls working with the materials yet! And if anyone has any feedback, suggestions, or would like to share their photos please tag #ohlovelylittles – thank you!

Packet here – Veggies & Fruits



Planning and organizing before school starts…


Because I love organizing & planning, I created my own planner for the up coming school year. Feel free to use any of the forms below to help you plan & organize too!



Our schedule at a glance — SCHEDULE

Monthly planning — MONTHLY

Weekly planning — WEEKLY

Project ideas {keep all your ideas in one place} — PROJECT IDEAS

Our goals / Field trip ideas — GOALS & FIELD TRIPS

Prayer journal {cause I need a whole lotta prayer while teaching my littles ;)} — PRAYER JOURNAL

Cover page {if you create a folder & need one} — COVER PAGE

Have fun planning!!!

xo, Ry


ABC doodle flashcards

I’ve  been playing around with Photoshop (love it!) and I have created ABC flashcards for more phonetic practice. My girls helped me come up with some of the objects on the cards. :) I quickly doodled the image on paper, scanned it to my computer and used photoshop to color the doodle. So yes they are a little wonky, but we like them…. ;)



Alphabet Doodle Cards

A – apple

B – bear

C – cloud

D – deer

E – envelope

F – flowers

G – girl

H – house

I – ice cream

J – jar

K – kitten

L – lollipop

M – moon

N – necklace

O – owl

P – pinapple

Q – queen bee

R – rabbit

S – sun

T – turtle

U – umbrella

V – vase

W – whale

X – x-ray fish

Y – yarn

Z – zebra


You can find these flashcards in my ETSY shop :)






A Magical Father’s Day Card

We are celebrating a very magical daddy soon and we are showing him some love with this card. :)

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.43.25 PM

Ask your littles why daddy is so special, awesome, & important to them….

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.43.47 PM

Inside you will find hearts where you can write what they say!

I love the random, sweet things they come up with. :)

{Make sure to print two-sided and fold on the gray line}

Template found here – Unicorn Card